Want to lose weight and run once a week is best

We must be educated at a very young age to meet the three indicators of running, and exercise must be persistent.

Therefore, many people think that once you start running, you must insist on it every day.

However, according to the latest sports science results, running does not need to be reluctant, as long as you gradually increase the amount of training.

Generally, people who take a running fitness must meet three basic indicators to achieve a certain training effect: duration of more than 30 minutes; heart rate of 130 beats per minute (young people); frequency of 3 or more times per week.

In other words, running 3-4 times a week is enough.

  Why does the body need a “day off” to run every day?

Dr. Keiji Yamaji of Japan mentioned in the book “Focus on Running”: If running is for fitness purpose, you must cooperate with rest. Otherwise, you will be over fatigued and your body will have problems.

  First, you can run for two days and rest for one day, or run for three days and rest for one day.

  Exercise can promote physical health based on the theory of “excessive recovery”: the amount of exercise that exceeds the normal load of the body can give stronger stimulation to muscles and internal organs, so the body will think that its components “power” is not enough, and it will organize “”Resources” to enhance related functions, so the body’s health level and exercise capacity will increase.

However, exercise also brings physical fatigue, so it is necessary to give the body some time to complete “excessive recovery”.

Otherwise, it will cause normal injury.

  The number of running days is determined by physical strength. However, if the above standards are not met, it cannot be said that there is no exercise effect.

For example, people with poor physical fitness only run once a week, and walking and walking on other days can also promote good health.

In short, the number of days of running should be determined according to your physical strength, work nature, fatigue, etc.

Therefore, whether to run that day can be determined according to the degree of muscle fatigue, feeling good or bad when waking up in the morning, weight gain and loss, appetite, and other factors.

  In addition, during running, the joints are contracted, and the knee joints can withstand huge impact.

Therefore, if the athlete is fatter, consider other forms of aerobic exercise, such as swimming, space walkers, bicycles, etc. instead of running.

  Running with other sports is mainly to strengthen cardiopulmonary function and physical endurance. If you want to get comprehensive health, you need to supplement with other sports.

We recommend running 2-3 times a week and participating in other sports 2-3 times.

  Female friends can choose ballet to improve their posture, yoga for peace of mind, boxing exercises that burn teenagers, etc. Male friends can choose bodybuilding exercises that increase muscles, or improve body sensitivity, and enhance self-defense skills; middle-aged and elderly friends can choose Tai ChiBoxing, Tai Chi Sword, Yangge and other traditional Chinese items.

In addition, ball games, swimming, hiking, rock climbing and many other “fancy tricks” can enrich training programs.