[How to make pumpkin and ham soup]_Homemade method of pumpkin and ham soup_How to make pumpkin and ham soup_How to make pumpkin and ham soup

When you drag home your tired physical body, if someone has prepared delicious meals waiting for you, you will definitely feel happy.

But if not, would you do it yourself?

Now let ‘s let you teach you how to make pumpkin and ham soup.


1 pot heat, pour oil, add scallion and sauté.


2 eggs, water and flour into a batter.

Cut diced pumpkin.

Diced ham.

Wash the rapeseed.

Chopped spring onion.


1 Add diced ham.


2 Pour in diced pumpkin and stir fry.


Pour in water.


The water is boiled and the batter is dripped from the colander to form a small noodle.


Boil and noodles are cooked.


Add rape, season with salt, chicken essence, and sesame oil.

After reading Xiaobian’s detailed introduction to pumpkin ham and wonton soup, have you been salivating?

Do you want to look at your abilities?

Then don’t wait any longer, rush to the kitchen in this second, and use your whole heart to make this beautiful food.