How to make makeup without hurting your skin

People today are inevitably working, studying, living, and applying makeup.

Therefore, if makeup is replaced, the skin will be harmed.

So, you know how to make up without damaging the skin.

  First, let’s understand the classification of makeup: makeup can be divided into basic makeup and key makeup.

Basic makeup refers to the basic coloring of the entire face, including: cleansing, moisturizing, astringent, primer and dusting powder, etc., with skin care functions.

Key makeup refers to the detailed makeup of the eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, lips, lips and other organs, including: adding eye shadows, drawing eyeliners, brushing eyelashes, applying nose shadows, rubbing rouge and applying lipstick, etc., can increase the beauty of the face and present a three-dimensional appearance, Can change with different occasions.

The makeup methods include daily general makeup methods, special makeup methods adapted to the needs of various occasions, and quick and easy makeup methods.

  The most comprehensive makeup classification of the human body is: skin, hair, nails, teeth, and eyeballs.

The skin includes lips and the hair includes eyelashes.

  Teach you 8 makeup tips1, foundation is indispensable. Applying liquid foundation will be simpler. Before use, shake thoroughly before applying it on a wooden board with a damp powder puff.

  2. Carefully choose an isolating cream. An isolating cream is a cream specifically used before applying makeup.

It helps the skin to apply makeup more easily and evenly, and prevents the makeup from coming off after application.

In addition, the cream also contains other non-grease and high fat-soluble ingredients to help the extension and adhesion of makeup.

  3, do a good job in sun protection If you have makeup and it is relatively strong makeup, remember that sun protection work must be done well.

This is because some cosmetics will immediately oxidize under the sun’s rays, which will cause substances harmful to the skin.

Therefore, people with heavy makeup are not recommended to go under the sun.

  4. Carefully drawing eye makeup Drawing eye makeup is the most time-consuming and most need to be careful. A little carelessness may cause cosmetics to fall into the eyes and cause eye diseases.

So experts remind: avoid drawing eyeliner too close to the eyeball surface within the eyelash line.

In fact, the eyeliner drawn inside the lash line has no substantial effect at all.

Because it is too close to the eyes, it makes the eyes look smaller.

  5, Sunscreen Sunscreen Makeup Although we usually wear sunscreen when we go out, it is too much trouble to apply sunscreen and then make up.

In fact, some make-ups also have sun protection, especially to buy a lipstick with sun protection, which can protect your lips.

Experts suggest that a SPF change of 15 for sunscreen makeup is most suitable, because this value can isolate more than 90% of UV rays, and it will not bring a great burden on the skin.

If it can be combined with anti-aging vitamins and a special moisturizing ingredient, it will not only protect the sun, but also make the skin last longer.

  6. Eyelashes Eyelashes are also a key makeup step.

At this time, remember that it is best not to make the lashes feel heavy or apply too much mascara, otherwise the eyes will be hurt by the dust they fall off.

  7. Carefully remove makeup. Make sure to remove makeup after applying sunscreen, and even make makeup more important.

Poor makeup removal can cause chemical residues and have a devastating effect on the skin.

  8. Be wary of these ingredients. Certain synthetic chemicals, such as pigments and fragrances, can irritate the skin and cause pruritus and neurodermatitis.

Be wary of light-sensitive substances in cosmetics, which can cause the skin to evoke induced reactions when exposed to sunlight.

Oily cosmetics should not be excessive, because the oil in it will adsorb the dust in the air, causing the mouth of sweat glands and hair follicles to be blocked, causing bacteria to multiply, causing folliculitis and acne.

Cosmetics containing heavy metals such as lead, chromium, molybdenum, and cadmium will be absorbed by the skin and accumulated in the body, causing a poisoning reaction.