[Is the rice cooked well]_ making method _ practice Daquan

People take food as the sky. What they eat is very important for the human body. It can provide energy for the human body and provide nutrients for the growth and development of the human body.

Indica rice is a kind of food with very high nutrient content, and it has the effects of promoting blood circulation, removing heat and dissipating heat, and reducing swelling and dampness. It is a very popular food, and everyone has the presence of indica rice.Such a question is, is it cooked well? Let’s introduce it below.

Barley is not easy to cook. The following methods can be cooked faster.

First, the soaked rice cooked rotten quickly: before cooking, rinse the rice with water, and soak it in water for two or three hours. After soaking in water, it will easily rot.

When it’s hot, it’s best to soak the barley in the freezer. When cooking, it is best to boil the water soaked in the barley to avoid the loss of nutrients in the barley.

Second, the dry frozen rice cooked quickly rotten: If you do not want to soak the rice, you can also use the freezing method.

Just put the bought indica rice in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer for a week to freeze.

Take it out and cook it when you need to eat it.

Third, the boiled rice cooked with water freezing method rots quickly: the barley is washed with water first, and it can be soaked for a while to let the water enter the inside of the rice.

Then remove the excess water that has drained from the barley, put the next barley in a plastic bag, and put it in the freezer in the refrigerator until it freezes. This kind of barley is also easier to cook.

The above three methods are completely applicable to indica rice. Other beans such as mung beans and red beans can be used in this method. You can replace one of them according to your preference.

Related knowledge: Barley has the effects of clearing heat, detoxifying, dampness, and spleen. It is a health food that is very suitable for summer. Drinking barley winter melon soup, barley green bean soup, etc. in summer has quite good health care effects (seeWinter melon soup, what soup is good for dehumidification in summer “).

Note: The dehumidifying effect of large-grain barley is relatively poor. The main reason is that miscellaneous grains are available for people to eat. The barley that can really remove moisture is the small-grain barley.Barley.

Some ways to eat rice: 1, mung bean and rice porridge ingredients; mung beans, rice, sugar or honey.

Soak mung beans and barley overnight, add water to the pot and cook. Add sugar or honey when eating.

2, yam barley porridge material; rice, yam cuts, lotus seeds cored, jujube cored, millet, sugar.

Soak the barley rice overnight, add water to the pot, add barley rice, and boil the lotus seeds for 15 minutes on high heat. Add yam, jujube, millet, and boil porridge over low heat. Add sugar when eating.

3. Indica rice porridge porridge material; indica rice overnight, dried lily[available in supermarket grocery area], lotus seeds cored, white fungus soaked in water to tear into small flowers, jujube pitted.

Add more water to the pot. Except for jujube, add all the ingredients to the pot, boil over high heat and cook on low heat, and wait for the barley to bloom. Add jujube and cook for 10 minutes, and keep it cool.

Drink cold in summer and hot in winter. Add honey when adding.

1 cup sooner or later, sticking to it temporarily, can whiten skin tone and beauty.