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Cream is a very common food in life. It tastes sweet and has a delicate texture. It most often appears in cream cakes. In fact, making butter yourself is also a good choice. Here is how to make it.

Homemade butter ingredients: whipped cream, fine sugar.

Option 1: Buy a box of whipped cream, preferably Nestle (the others have tried, it seems that the effect is not very good).

Generally available in large supermarkets, Metro, Wal-Mart and so on.

2. Pour the whipped cream into the container and beat it in one direction with an egg pump. Add the fine granulated sugar three times during the whipping process.

The more sugar you put, the better it will be.

3. You can beat it for more than 15 minutes.

Or use an electric egg beater (just 2 to 4 minutes).

You need whipping cream and homemade butter ingredients: 4 egg whites, some salt, sugar, white vinegar.

Method 1, break up the 4 egg whites, just a few small bubbles on top of the egg whites.

2. Put a little salt, a drop of white vinegar, a spoonful of sugar (the spoon is an ordinary small iron spoon), and continue to beat the egg white.

3. When it’s a little thick (just feel like the egg white you beat is like the foam of the shower gel), add a spoonful of sugar and continue to beat.

4. When you feel that it is thicker than the egg white in step 3, add a spoonful of sugar and continue to beat.

5. After about 4 minutes after step 4, try to beat the egg whites you beat with an egg beater. If the egg whites can stand, it means that your cream has been beaten.